Thursday, November 14, 2019

Pushing Paternity: How to Prove It

You are pregnant, alone and scared. In just a few weeks, you will be giving birth and you are wondering just how you will support this child.
You know who the biological father is — the only man you’ve been with in the past year. However, once he heard that you were pregnant and wanted to keep the baby, he gradually began to withdraw himself from you and has since disappeared. Proving paternity may not be so easy, but without that proof, child support payments won’t be possible. Here’s how to push for paternity and make your man accept his legal and paternal responsibility.
1. At the birth of your child. You may be alone and frightened, but the one thing you do not want to do is lose your composure. Once you give birth, the hospital will collect information about the baby and his parents. You will name the baby and have your name listed as the mother on the birth certificate. You cannot list the father’s name without his permission. However, you can inform social services who you believe the father is. Once that claim has been made, social service will begin the process of tracking him down.
2. Daddy steps forth voluntarily. The best case scenario for you would be for the baby’s daddy to be there with you when the child is born or make his appearance shortly thereafter. If he is on hand, then he can take responsibility and allow his name to be placed on the birth certificate. How that works depends on your state, but it usually means that information will be collected within 12 to 24 hours after delivery.
3. Daddy consents after the fact. Your man may have fled the scene, but if he later reappears — voluntarily or involuntarily — he can sign a form acknowledging fatherhood. That form enables the government to amend the baby’s birth certificate and begin the child support process. You should also know that claiming paternity gives the bio dad certain visitation rights. Moreover, he might fight you for custody.
4. Let’s take a test. If the bio dad claims that he isn’t the father, it then becomes your word against his. However, you can take him to court where he must swear under oath that he is or is not the father. You may need to present evidence or if there is already sufficient evidence available, then the court may order a DNA test. With such a test, DNA is collected from you, the baby and the alleged father. Such tests are widely accepted by the court as they are more than 99.9 percent accurate. If it comes back positive, then the court will rule that the alleged bio dad is, indeed, the father advises the DNA Diagnostic Center.
In Your Area
You should know that the rules for determining parenthood can vary from state to state. It is important that you know your rights and push to have them upheld. You may need to hire a family attorney to assist you or, if you cannot afford one, ask the court to supply one for you. However, you may not need an attorney if the state has a procedure in place to ensure that your rights are preserved.
With parenthood proven, you will remove a big burden, Keep in mind, however, that a court ruling for paternity is just one step: the father must make good on his support, otherwise you may find yourself returning to court to make sure the bio dad lives up to his responsibilities.

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